TRUTH: Why would you even want to be with me, after what I did to Marley?

Oh my God, boy. Am I this annoying when I get in a slup? I don’t think I’m this annoying, not even close.

Okay, remember sophomore year? I want to be with you because you walked me home two days a week so I could come to school wearing a dress. I want to be with you because you were the first one willing to get your face punched to defend me when the jocks teased me at the boys bathroom, and because you stood for me in front of your best friend, even when you could see where he was coming from. I want to be with you because you are a conceited music stand kicker pervert, but you wanted to make Glee a safe place, and you want to be a good friend and a good boyfriend, and you want to be a better person.

And, I mean, I’m not saying what you did was okay, but I forgave you and Marley forgave you a very long time ago and it is about time that for you to forgive yourself.


One of my favorite RPers is Ana/Uniquesrp. I’m so grateful to have met her, chances are I’d go absolutely crazy if I didn’t have her to vent to. <3


The friendship between asking-unique and asking-prettykitty over at asking-thenewgleeks-rp is one of the most healthy and well developed friendships ive seen in some time. their interactions are my favorite

Asking-ryder and asking-unique are pretty much filling my heart full of joy with the potential rynique plots. They deserve awards.


I’ve never played with a Unique before and LOVE Ana’s (asking-unique) portrayal of her at asking-thenewgleeks.


Asking-unique is SO in character. I can really hear Unique saying what she writes in my head!

There are too many things that I love about uniqueadams-ny to name just one. You go, girl!


I’m already loving ask-unique. There aren’t many Unique players out their and it’s so nice to see someone playing her really well!

I’m going to queue all the confessions I’ve gotten, don’t mind me if I’m annoying. It will be over soon.