So here we are, 112 days, 805 posts and 100 follows later. I’m not doing a Follow Forever, because I follow and unfollow blogs a lot (and that doesn’t mean I think you suck, that only means I’m slow surfing my dash and I have the need to read it all everyday), but I want to thank the people who make me stay around and make my day a little bit happier with their posts and interactions. You probably think I only like you because you write memes for me, but actually, there’s more than that (thanks for the memes, though. I really enjoy them):

kittysrp: You are the first because it’s safe to say this blog wouldn’t exist without you. Also, you are the first one because you are the best. I have the best time talking to you, I’m still in ATNG because of you, and I would probably have gone crazy if you weren’t around at certain point in my life. Thanks for everything.  Also, your Kitty is the best Kitty on the internet.

syderleyrps: I’m so happy you wrote that post about Rynique/Jakenique and I’m so happy we started talking. The way you defend your opinions have made me revaluate the way I saw some pairings. And I obviously love the way you write Jake and I think you should play him more.

cheeriosnixrp: I’m in love with your Mercedes. I’m in love with your Santana. I’m in love with Regina Fabray and with Jackie Puckerman (even though I’ve only seen that last one in like… 5 meme replies). I really like your posts and you are a super good writer and and your blog is refreshing and different and original and I had to include you here because you are great.

rp-puckerman: This is weird. Sometimes I think you like me. Sometimes I think you hate me. I think it’s because you are British. Anyway, I always enjoy your posts (the personals and the RP ones), I think you are a great writer and your characters are flawless.

shadowcatroleplays: You were the first person who talked to me OOC in an RP and that made me feel welcomed and appreciated in a time when I wasn’t feeling very well about the way I played my character, I don’t think I ever thanked you for that. You ship Klaine too much but I forgive you. I still miss you in ATNG.

emilyandali: Your Santana is the best Santana with whom I have ever roleplayed. You and Simay created the group I’ve stayed the longest time and I’m so happy I joined you and met you. I don’t know who Emily and Ali are, but I know lots of things about them because of your blog. My favourite is that Ali has a dog named Pepe.

marlsrp: We probably should goof around more, because our characters are best friends but you and I are too serious when we talk to each other. You always make me feel better about my roleplaying when I’m a little bit down, and you are always up to plot and interact, not always with me but with everyone, and your interactions are flawless. I really admire that.

sugarsuggests: You are my favourite RPH, and I can tell from the times we have talked OOC that you are a really cool person. I really like everything you reblog, and the replies you have given me when I’ve needed something. Keep up the good job!

martanofsky-rps: If I had to make a list with the 10 most valuable members of the RP community, you would definitely be in it. You are one of the most respectful and reasonable people I’ve seen in this fandom and I’d love to see Dave and Unique interact sometime in an RP. I think I’d enjoy RPing with you in general, but you already know that.

puckyeahrps: The thing I regret the most about leaving UTGleeks is leaving our Pucknique. I never thought I would ship it but your Puck is adorable and you made me change my mind. I scream every time you write me a meme, and this ship will always have a place in my heart. Also, you are great, don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise.

lesmisandrists: I still think about that headcanon with Unique in the 80s way more than I should. Yours is one of the blogs I follow I enjoy the most because you post things I agree with but I didn’t know they existed. 

hummelberryhelps: This blog have the nicest admins and they made a graphic for me I haven’t used (because I’m lazy and I haven’t decided how is my new theme going to be) but they are great anyway. 

youcancallmepookiebear: I was super excited when you added me because I had seen you talking with people on my dash before and I thought you were cool.

brendonurierps: You promised me Rynique. You still owe me Rynique. Also I’m so happy you came back because I think you are a very cool person and I was sad when you left.

And of course, I have to give a big thank you, to all the other people who has made this 100 followers thing possible. Thanks for being there.  We should probably talk more (or just talk in general).        

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    Dear uniquesrp, I can’t find a gif that encompasses all of my feelings. So have several… You’re fantabulous, I love you...
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    Aww congrats and thank you bb! Yes Pucknique would’ve been epic even for a midship and they’d stay the best of friends...
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